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assist cats drop extra pounds

Veterinarians estimate that over 59% of pets are overweight. Whereas cats could not have the equal of a “bathing go well with season” that motivates them to drop extra pounds, there are a number of well being advantages related to wholesome weight reduction. 

In truth, cats that carry extra weight can expertise well being points starting from pores and skin issues to organ failure to a lowered lifespan. As with people, weight reduction in cats could be affected by two primary variables: portion management and train. 


Cats possess a naturally low thirst drive, and they’ll usually interpret the sensation of dehydration as starvation. This will result in overeating or near-constant begging for meals. Any meals with excessive moisture content material, like uncooked or moist meals, can enhance hydration naturally. Take into account including a excessive moisture meals into your cat’s each day consumption to extend hydration and assist obtain or preserve a wholesome weight. Seek the advice of your vet in case your cat continues to beg for meals regardless of elevated hydration, as it could be an indication of a extra critical well being concern.  

Free feeding

It’s simple to get within the behavior of free feeding your cat: merely filling their meals bowl once you discover it’s empty (or when your cat attracts your consideration to it). Sadly, that is a straightforward approach to overfeed your cat. Cats may fall right into a sample of consuming out of boredom, or filling downtime by consuming available meals. Chances are you’ll discover it simpler to observe your cat’s meals consumption by feeding measured quantities at scheduled occasions.

A number of cats

For many who personal a number of cats, it’s usually handy to feed all of the cats without delay. Nonetheless, this may end up in unequal caloric consumption, and it could be essential to feed every particular person cat in a separate space to make sure that they eat an acceptable quantity of meals.

Feeding schedule

Most grownup cats do nicely on a feeding schedule of two-three meals per day. Meals ought to comprise sufficient quantities of protein, fats, nutritional vitamins and minerals, and moisture (within the type of moist or uncooked meals). Moreover, think about using a cat fountain or incessantly refilling the water bowl to encourage your cat to drink extra usually and enhance hydration. Instinctually cats will drink once they come throughout a freshwater supply.


Train doesn’t need to contain a treadmill and a gymnasium membership on your cat — train is solely motion that leads to vitality expenditure. Whether or not your cat prefers chasing a laser pointer, taking part in with a stick-and-string toy or climbing a scratching “tree,” any sort of playful engagement exercise counts as train.

Well-known for being strong-willed — if not downright cussed — cats could resist any efforts to get them transferring. Capitalize in your cat’s classification as an obligate carnivore by incorporating searching into their mealtime. A cat’s pure searching intuition may also be built-in into play: Cats like to “catch” toys which are dragged, dangled, or tossed. Simply ensure to not supply your cat any toys which will splinter, break, or pose a choking hazard.

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