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God of Battle Ragnarök Evaluation: Becoming Finish to Kratos and Atreus’ Nordic Period

God of Battle Ragnarök — out November 9 on PS4 and PS5 — has a mighty process on its arms. How do you comply with up a critically-acclaimed and universally-loved gentle reboot that reinvigorated the franchise? With 2018’s God of Battle, Santa Monica Studio not solely transported its Greek demigod Kratos to Norse mythology, however reimagined some basic features of the collection alongside the best way. Its director Cory Barlog confronted pushback from each Sony and inside the workforce. But it surely delivered, in spades. That success means rather a lot is driving on Ragnarök, which has the extra process of wrapping up God of Battle’s Nordic period. (That is applicable. In any case, Ragnarök results in the top of days. Subsequent time you see Kratos, he may pop up in Mayan or Egyptian mythology, as has beforehand been hinted.)

However again to the query at hand. The reply is easy: if it is not damaged, do not repair it. God of War Ragnarök both retains or builds on the inspiration laid by its predecessor. It is as cinematic as earlier than, instructed in a misleading one-shot that by no means cuts away. That phantasm is damaged each time Kratos travels by means of portals, which is a part of how Ragnarök hides its loading screens. (It is also received pointless lengthy tunnels, rocks it’s essential to squeeze between, or locations it’s essential to crouch round.) The immersive cinematography is married with writing (Matt Sophos and Richard Gaubert) and course (Eric Williams) that is largely superb. It seems like a film. In truth, the Ragnarök cutscenes had been so participating at occasions that I did not need them to finish, as a result of then I must play.

This is a matter with the medium itself. As a result of video video games have to provide gamers one thing to do — not only for a couple of minutes, however hours and hours. Extra so for AAA titles that should “earn” their price ticket — their tales practically all the time endure because of this. That occurs in God of Battle Ragnarök too. That mentioned, it appears silly to complain when the enjoying is as pleasant as it’s right here. Ragnarök retains the frenetic, satisfying, and at occasions comical fight of 2018’s God of War, although the digicam continues to be tighter than many would like. It builds on what we have seen with a few new strikes and mechanics, and permits Kratos’ now-teenage son Atreus to be a extra energetic participant.

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Boats proceed to be central in God of Battle Ragnarök
Photograph Credit score: Sony/Santa Monica Studio

God of Battle Ragnarök evaluate: fight

The largest change in assault is using the triangle button, be it on the DualSense (for PS5) or DualShock 4 (with PS4). Within the 2018 God of Battle, the triangle button was used to equip or recall the Leviathan Axe. However when you already had the axe in your hand, the triangle button did nothing. In God of Battle Ragnarök, holding down the triangle button covers the axe with frost. Your subsequent melee or ranged assault — R1 or R2, respectively, on each PlayStation controllers — will then ship a further chill to your enemies. You are able to do one thing comparable with the Blades of Chaos, Kratos’ signature weapon within the Greek period, which is now accessible from the beginning on Ragnarök. Besides as an alternative of frost, the impact is of course fiery.

These skills are a part of God of Battle Ragnarök’s talent tree, the place you’ll be able to spend XP — earned by finishing targets — to show Kratos and Atreus quite a lot of expertise, spanning melee, ranged, approach, and intuition abilities. As you make use of those new expertise, you’ll unlock new tiers, going from bronze to silver to gold. Every time you stage up, you’ll be able to select how you can enhance mentioned means. Although there is a first rate quantity of selection baked into Ragnarök, I discovered the tier system to be fascinating. Character development is outlined, in some methods, by your play type, and never simply arbitrary task of earned XP. To be truthful, that does exist, however how you method fight is equally helpful. When you favor one weapon or assault rather a lot, that can turn out to be extra highly effective than the remainder of your instruments.

Whereas most of the skills enhance the flexibility of your weapons, that is not the one technique to improve them. There’s the usual technique: you earn XP and collect sources as you play, and you employ them to spice up weapon high quality and power. Moreover, it’s also possible to slot in runes — granted after you defeat mini-bosses — for elemental results. Each weapons, be it the axe or the blades, supply a light-weight and heavy runic assault in God of Battle Ragnarök. They’re nice for crowd management and dealing further injury, although you do should be cautious of their cooldown timers.

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god of war review axe god of war ragnarok review

God of Battle Ragnarök is stuffed with all kinds of bizarre creatures
Photograph Credit score: Sony/Santa Monica Studio

Weapons help in traversal too on Ragnarök. The Blades of Chaos operate as grappling hooks — these are probably the most ubiquitous device in modern-day gaming — permitting you to climb to locations you could not in any other case, work together with objects that assist unlock loot or new areas, and even simply latch onto enemies to wreak havoc. Moreover, Kratos’ motion can help in fight. In God of Battle Ragnarök, you’ll be able to dash off cliffs and slam into enemies under, dealing injury to them and people of their neighborhood.

What I like about fight in God of Battle Ragnarök is that it is a lesson in how you are able to do extra with much less. There are simply two weapons right here — the axe and the blades — however nonetheless such quite a lot of play. You’ll be able to cost your weapons with frost or hearth, maintain down buttons to set off particular combos, and naturally, line up assaults in a coordinated vogue to maximise injury dealt.

What I do not love is how the sport limits what you’ll be able to see. Enemies get free photographs in God of Battle Ragnarök just because the digicam will not allow you to see them. And the best way Kratos dodges assaults is not all the time pure. Furthermore, whilst you can command your companions — be it Atreus or another person — that can assist you in fight, it feels very restricted within the warmth of battle. Typically, the companions solely assist you to with the enemy you are already specializing in, or those in your area of view. They’ll hardly ever assault anybody who’s not in your imaginative and prescient, leaving them vast open to strike at you.

Furthermore, God of Battle Ragnarök is all about old-school stage recreation design. The enemies that routinely come out of the bottom are meaningless fodder — they solely exist that can assist you stage up for the story baddies. That is additionally true of some mini-bosses who present up out of the blue that can assist you acquire XP. With out a narrative objective to it, it seems like fight exists for fight’s sake at occasions.

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god of war review tyr god of war ragnarok review

Týr, the Norse God of Battle, is an ally fortunately
Photograph Credit score: Sony/Santa Monica Studio

God of Battle Ragnarök evaluate: PS5 graphics settings

Ragnarök brings the God of Battle franchise to Sony’s flagship console — natively — for the primary time. Whereas the 2018 God of Battle was granted a PlayStation 5 patch in early 2021, boosting its constancy and efficiency to a easy 4K 60fps, Ragnarök is the collection’ first true launch on Sony’s flagship gaming console.

You are able to do 4K 30fps for finest visuals, 60fps and dynamic decision for extra efficiency, and even 120fps in case your TV is able to that. And when you’re on the PS5, all with none fan noise that we had with God of Battle on the PS4.

I solely performed Ragnarök on a PS5, as I haven’t got a PS4 or PS4 Pro with me, so I can not converse to graphics and efficiency on older Sony consoles.

God of Battle Ragnarök evaluate: story

There are occasions when God of Battle Ragnarök seems like a loot simulator. It is clear that almost all maps are designed to permit Ragnarök to put chests in strategic spots. A number of the loot is tied to environmental puzzles that I largely loved. However the loot can also be neglected within the open in lots of circumstances. Characters will even at occasions comment how you like to interrupt objects, and break free from the first goal at hand. However the fourth-wall-breaking nature of it could possibly’t take away from the mundaneness of it. That mentioned, it is nowhere as annoying because the method different video games have taken, some from the home of PlayStation itself.

It helps that you simply’re instantly pulled into the narrative, with characters simple to admire and root for. God of Battle Ragnarök is a coming-of-age story for the naive teenage Atreus, who’s an enormous advocate for being extra concerned within the affairs of gods. And it falls to the protecting Kratos — who’s seen much more of the brutal world — to protect him from the hazards of the 9 realms. On the similar time, Atreus desires to be taught extra about who he’s. However is he charting his personal path in life, or is he merely fulfilling prophecies by studying extra about them?

Even when the story is just not progressing in God of Battle Ragnarök, the dynamic and exchanges between Kratos, Atreus, and the severed head of Mimir serve you properly. The dry humour borne out of the father-son duo’s conflicting personalities — Kratos’ curtness and sincerity, and Atreus’ nagging and inquisitive nature — remains to be right here. If something, it is expanded as a result of Atreus is much less afraid to precise himself now.

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god of war review squirrel atreus god of war ragnarok review

Ratatoskr and Atreus in God of Battle Ragnarök
Photograph Credit score: Sony/Santa Monica Studio

And now that Atreus is slightly grown up, he can have adventures on his personal. (With out telling his father largely.) There’s rather a lot to do and discover right here, with God of Battle Ragnarök taking you throughout all 9 realms of Norse mythology this time round — be it the beautiful fantastic thing about Svartalfheim, the icy embrace of Niflheim, or the eeriness of Alfheim. In truth, there’s a lot that Ragnarök seems like two video games in a single as you push deeper in. I am not alone in that sentiment. The builders felt the identical means, and even considered splitting God of Battle Ragnarök into two video games, as its scope turned a lot bigger than that they had initially deliberate.

It will have turned God of Battle’s Nordic period right into a trilogy, which is all the time an alluring prospect. However they didn’t want to spend 15 years telling one story — what with each the 2018 God of Battle and Ragnarök having taken 5 years apiece. And therefore, God of Battle Ragnarök is each the second and third chapter, in a means, if it had been a trilogy. It sends you throughout the 9 realms within the hunt for identification and a want to stave off warfare, as you take care of quests for vengeance, and battle a collection of monsters of all sizes, armed with a bunch of latest instruments and fight strategies. All of it set in opposition to the backdrop of the top of days.


  • Very cinematic
  • Writing, course are strong
  • Character development outlined by your playstyle
  • Fight does extra with much less
  • Selection and variety
  • Elemental results look cool


  • Digicam is simply too tight
  • Companions might have been extra useful
  • An excessive amount of old-school stage design
  • Performs like a loot simulator in locations

Ranking (out of 10): 9

God of Battle Ragnarök is launched Wednesday, November 9 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. On PlayStation Store, God of Battle Ragnarök is priced at Rs. 3,999 for PS4 and Rs. 4,999 for PS5.

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