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The RTX 3090 Ti Replace

Did you’re feeling that? Was it an earthquake? An avalanche? No, nVidia simply determined to throw all warning to the wind and create the world’s strongest shopper GPU, and that GPU is stomping!

The brand new RTX 3090 Ti is an absolute monster that smashes all of the metrics and establishes itself as the brand new king of shopper GPUs.

Allow us to check out a few of its stats:

The Good

  • The brand new RTX 3090 Ti is a cool 10% sooner than every other shopper card in 4K gaming.
  • It has 24GB of VRAM. That may be a tonne of VRAM. This card has extra VRAM than most PCs have of regular RAM.

The Meh

  • In 1440p or 1080p gaming, the RTX 3090 Ti is just about 5% sooner than the following step down the GPU ladder. To be truthful although, if you happen to purchase this card for a sub-4K display screen, then you definitely made an error.

The Ugly

  • When pressured, the RTX 3090 Ti attracts almost 500 Watts. No, you didn’t learn that improper, 5 hundred watts. That’s as a lot as a full mid-range PC!
  • All that energy consumed means that a large quantity of warmth should be dissipated. The heatsink for this card could be very heavy, with fashions of the cardboard weighing ~2kg. That’s ~4.5lbs!
  • Not solely is the cardboard heavy, however it’s big. It occupies 4 slots, wew!
  • It prices $2200… assuming you will discover it in-stock.

Frankly, the cardboard’s energy draw, weight, and dimension are ridiculous. It has all the time been the case that those that need one of the best card will get a sizzling/giant card, however this one is larger and attracts extra energy than something we’ve got seen earlier than.

In good conscience, we can’t advocate this card for something however the Monstrous tier. If you’re Rich (with the capital W) and you’ve got a 4K gaming display screen… AND you might be keen to pay $2200 or larger for an additional 10% efficiency… effectively, nVidia has you lined.


We will probably be including the RTX 3090 Ti to the Monstrous tier of our main chart.

All different GPUs from Distinctive to Extremist will transfer up one spot on the web page (down a tier) to make room for this new monster.

RTX 3090 Ti


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